Ear Candling Therapy

What is Ear Candling?

Ear Candling Therapy is a safe, simple and natural way to remove excess wax and debris from the inner ear.


Conditions That Benefit From Ear Candle Therapy

Tinnitus, swimmers ear, frequent sinus infections or obstructed hearing aids. This method of ear conning is very soothing and non-invasive while sitting comfortably in a chair and benefits all ages.

Who would benefit from Ear Candling Therapy?

·         Those who work outdoors

·         If you frequent dusty environments

·         Participate in water activities

·         Have chronic ear aches

·         Have allergies

·         Wear hearing aids

·         Have sinus infections

·         Enjoy dairy products


What to Expect During Treatment

The initial consultation enables the individual to assess whether this treatment is right for their needs. After answering health history related questions the individual lies on their side on a treatment couch and a candle is gently inserted into the ear. The tapered candle is then lit and left to burn slowly. The candle draws ear wax and fungus deposits from inside the ear canal which burns off, or is collected at the bottom of the candle. When one ear has been treated the same procedure is repeated on the other ear.

Does Ear Candle Therapy Hurt?

Ear Candling is a relaxing, painless and harmless natural treatment. As the wax burns and the fungus are drawn out of the ears a crackling and/or hissing sound may be noticeable. The wax and ear fungus is gently drawn up through the chimney of the candle but this does not cause any discomfort.

It is not recommended that individuals suffer from perforated ear drums, or who have an artificial ear drum, use ear candling as a treatment for any condition.


What to Expect Post Treatment

After an Ear Candle treatment the individual may experience lightness in the head. Noises may also seem louder because hearing has been improved by the removal of wax blockage. If the sensation is a little uncomfortable ear oil on cotton wool can be gently inserted into the ear as a temporary aid.

Investment: $50 per session includes 2 ear candles