Reiki is a simple, direct, and accessible form of hand on healing that developed in China during the late 19th century.

Universal energy (life force) flows through all of us, animals and plants. This energy can become stagnate during the time of stress and illness.

The concept of a life force has been recognized in many cultures for thousands of years, and similar concepts are used in many other complementary therapies, such as acupuncture and shiatsu, as in physical practices, such as Tai Chi and yoga.

Everyone has the ability to heal themselves and to help others in their healing process. Reiki is a method of healing that differs from all others. Unlike many healing systems, it is not directed toward achieving specific ends; the healing is believed to direct itself naturally to wherever it is most needed. The giver simply acts as a channel or conduit through which the universal energy is drawn into the receiver.

Anyone can give Reiki, but each individual needs an attunement or initiation in order to become fully open to the healing energy. The attunements are specific procedures which are based on sacred symbols and various techniques that are unique to Reiki.

Reiki is not a religion and can therefore be practiced by people of different faiths.

As a Reiki Master, Liane believes that Reiki brings integration and order to your life and allows a change of consciousness to take place. This enables new opportunities to develop and present themselves. It could be said that life is like walking a tightrope and that Reiki has the power to steady us so that we acquire a sense of balance. It helps us, motivates us, and energizes our spirit.

Receiving a treatment

The Reiki experience varies from person to person, and some of the common similarities are:

Muscles start to relax, physical aches and pains may disappear of their own accord, mental anguish starts to diminish and solutions start to present themselves. Each session with be different as another layer is released.

Investment: $80


A Recipe for Positive Living

The following 5 precepts of Reiki are vital components of a fulfilled life and each one is intended to be followed on a daily basis. They encourage us to believe that even small steps can make a difference to our happiness and well-being. The precepts are produced here in the form of affirmations or reminders.


1.       Just for today, stop worrying; just for today, my mind is easy

2.       Just for today, do not get angry; just for today, I am at peace

3.       Honor everyone you meet; I honor my parents, elders, teachers, children, friends and myself

4.       Earn an honest living; I earn my living honestly, doing no harm to anyone, or anything, nor harming the environment.

5.       Show gratitude to every living thing; I give thanks to all living things and all situations, whatever they may be, for their valuable lessons in growth and understanding.